About Us

ACM Partners

Anil Mishra previously worked for a large accounting practice as a senior accountant. He had become progressively disillusions and frustrated with some areas of the company’s operations and the organisational culture. He saw the need to develop more efficient systems complimented by a customer-oriented service mentality.

Accordingly, in 1991 he left to start his own accounting practice, ACM Partners based on the philosophies he had developed in his previous company.

From the very start, he set out to build a practice based on the strong client relationships. By establishing regular communication, he could understand his client’s business and the characteristics of the industry they worked in. Inevitably, he could identify the challenges of and the problems they were confronting, usually with more clarity and the objectivity than the business owners themselves.

From such a position, it was a short step to adopting a much more proactive role helping his clients to focus on their desired outcomes, and provide a service which would assist them to enhance the value of their business.

The market served by the ACM Partners is small to medium sized enterprises throughout the greater Sydney area.

Our Mission

Our vision is to contribute to the building a stronger Australia through enhancing the business skills, effectiveness, and efficiency of small to medium enterprises. Realising that SMEs employ the majority Australians, and are the life blood for the innovation in our economic community, we are committed to reducing the high levels of financial failure independence of small businesses.

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